Creative Startups Accelerator

Creative Startups Accelerator

While most accelerators focus on tech companies, Creative Startups is an accelerator built from the bottom up with creative entrepreneurs in mind. Creative Startups help artists and creative businesses overcome the challenges and ricks associated with a startup by providing a world-class intensive course in Creative Entrepreneurship built, in partnership, with leading faculty of Stanford University. In addition to teaching core entrepreneurship concepts, Creative Startups increases leadership skills, develops an interpersonal communication toolbox, and connects participants with a supportive network and resource set through mentoring and alumni engagement. The program’s team, mentors, virtual accelerator, 5-day deep dive, and demo days bring together the largest gathering of creative founders, industry leaders, and investors in the nation.

Creative Startups – Deep Dive 2015 – Albuquerque, NM

The 2015 Deep Dive event, hosted in Albuquerque, connected 9 Startups with mentors and investors from around the world. Winston-Salem’s own, Chad Cheek, and Margaret Collins were among the 47 mentors. Chad is the owner of Elephant In The Room, a design and brand consultancy which specializes in graphic design, brand development and creation, as well as brand marketing and communication solutions.

Everyone involved in the Creative Startups share a vision of the Creative Economy as an area of tremendous potential and together are building the world’s largest network on behalf of entrepreneurs in the creative industries.

“The most valuable part of Creative Startups is the network: it’s like a customized group of people who know how to specifically help you, and want you to succeed.” – One entrepreneur spoke of her Deep Dive experience

Accelerating the Success of Creative Entrepreneurs in Winston-Salem

The creative industries have grown 8% over the past 6 years in North Carolina, and now create $14 billion in wages and sales. Winston-Salem has built strong creative industries and is becoming a leader in the southeast. The creative economy is undoubtedly an important driver in our regional and state economy, but they do have sufficient support to allow a creative entrepreneurial ecosystem to thrive. A catalyst is needed to connect partners and galvanize the launch and growth of new creative companies. The Center for Creative Economy and Creative Startups Accelerator are building a partnership nationally to collaborate, build and support our Winston-Salem/Triad creative  ecosystem, and launch new startups.