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Audio post

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Swerve, the new hub for creative industries launches its 2016 schedule for Triad creative enterprises.  The next Swerve Meetup will take place on January 21st at Flywheel, 525 Vine St., in Winston-Salem.  Speakers, Diane Reinhold & David Horth, of the Center for Creative Leadership, will present “Crafting Your Pitch.”  Presenting […]

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UpStart Live!

UpStart Live! Feb. 5th – 7th, 2016 UpStart Live is an event like no other. It is collaborative approach to taking a startup through conception to market in just 48 hours. This event will focus on a creative industry, The Olio, Winston-Salem’s own glassblowing studio, and will create a sustainable revenue model […]

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Creative Economy Online Course

CCE’s colleague in the National Creative Economy Coalition, Christine Harris, will offer a unique online class in the Creative Economy through the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. It will be available for credit and non-credit.  Creative Economy is one of UMass Art Extension Service’s most unique arts management courses. AES recently spoke […]

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