Leveraging Mindfulness to Optimize Focus 

April and springtime symbolize change and new possibilities within ourselves and nature. The Center for Creative Economy’s Momentum meetup for April allowed its participants to explores mindfulness practices and help reduce stress and increase creativity. Rahul Kulkarni, the founder of Sukhi, led this journey to a mindful state. Rahul studied clinical psychology at Tufts Medical, and abnormal psychology at Cornell, and received an MBA from MIT. He has a background in employee wellness, mindfulness, and mental health  As an alumnus of CCE’s Velocity accelerator, and we were honored to welcome him as our Momentum presenter.

To get the most out of his workshop, Rahul invited the participants to:

·        Be present- remove all phones out of sight

·        Be open- try the techniques

·        Focus on Compassion- towards ourselves and others

During the session, he shared that a state of mindfulness is a time when we focus on one thing and one thing only.

“Multitasking is a myth; your brain can’t actually do it. You can only do one task at a time. When you think that you are multitasking, what you’re actually doing is going back and forth very fast between one thing versus the other,” he explained.

Rahul teaches that taking moments daily to enter a state of mindfulness relieves stress, increases focus and promotes productivity which results in strengthening emotional and mental health.

In case you missed April’s Momentum, you can still experience this relaxing, inspiring, and detressing session by visiting our CCE Youtube channel using this link.