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The creative economy adds 600 jobs a year in the Triad region. At the average salary of $37,288, that’s an increase of over 22 million dollars in earnings per year. CCE programs are designed to support this trend and the mission remains to catalyze and develop creative industries in the Triad and the state of North Carolina. These jobs are not easily outsourced abroad, and so make good stable industries to grow in NC.
Studies of the labor market between 1973 and the present show that the prospect for continuing employment is much higher for creative occupations than for routine jobs that do not require creative/ analytical skills. During that period, unemployment for creative jobs rarely rose to four percent. For routine jobs, unemployment rarely dipped as low as four percent.
The National Creative Economy Coalition, which the Center for Creative Economy is a member of, released a national report in September 2013.

This report studies the creative industries in 27 different states, the first time this work has been done in the US. CCE’s Founding Executive Director, Margaret Collins, co-authored the report.

America’s Creative Economy Report: Full Length

America’s Creative Economy: A Study of Recent Conceptions, Definitions, and Approaches to Measurement Across the US

America’s Creative Economy Report: Executive Summary

America’s Creative Economy: A Study of Recent Conceptions, Definitions, and Approaches to Measurement Across the US

The following reports were developed for the Piedmont Triad under the Wired grant for the Creative Economy Initiative funded by the US Department of Labor


Piedmont Triad-NC Regional Strategic Plan Creative Enterprises and the Arts

Architecture Feasibility Study

South Arts Creative Industries Report

In early 2012, South Arts, in Atlanta, GA released its research report which includes analysis of the creative industries in the Southeast as well as creative industry profiles for each of the nine Southern states. More information.

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